Silver Service Residential Property Management throughout Westchester and Fairfield Counties

Your time is your own with our Silver property management service.

GEC Property Management’s Silver Service is designed for homeowners who wish to have their property maintained and preserved whilst keeping within their monthly budget and expectations. This package allows the homeowner to choose how many property management hours they would like a month with any unused hours rolling over to the next month. GEC property management will advise appropriate hours needed; however, our clients always have the final decision to best utilize our management service. It provides the flexibility for homeowners’ that need both ongoing routine inspection as well as seasonal maintenance — perfect for homeowners with multiple properties who need help keeping them in order while home or traveling. We start by creating a summary of what needs to be done annually. Then we create a schedule to implement and supervise this maintenance plan. At GEC Property management we document each visit with photographs and log all activities. To keep clients informed, we send them reports every two weeks.  Our services are 24/7, so clients can rest assured that we are always available for any unexpected situation.

Silver Service Package Details:

  • After initial review of the home and property, GEC property management will recommend how many hours would be appropriate for our clients’ needs
  • The Homeowner then chooses how many hours that fit into their budget
    Hours worked over the amount agreed on, will be charged at our hourly rate + 20%
  • Any unused hours will carry over to the next month. All hours unused by the end year will be voided, but GEC property management will advise homeowners to reduce hours for next year to avoid unspent hours in future years.
  • Hours worked will be used on scheduling appointments for homeowners, on-site visits with subcontractors, and any reports that GEC will send to homeowners, working 9.00am through to 5.00pm
  • Emergencies (hours worked between 5pm-9am) will be charged at hourly rate + 50%, and normal hours cannot be used toward any emergency hours worked.
  • This package can be tailored in any way to fit our clients unique needs


House cleaning service0%

Handyman service0%

Landscaping: planting, mulching, pruning0%

Electric service & repair0%

Plumbing service & repair0%

HVAC unti service & repair0%

Roofing & flashing inspection & repair0%

Wood floor service & repair0%

Basement moisture control0%

Fuel burner service & repair0%

Water treatment service & repair0%

Paving & sealing driveway0%

Tile service & repair0%

Painting repair0%

Carpet & rug cleaning0%

Furniture refinishing & maintenance0%

Stereo & entertainment system service and repair0%

Telephone system & PC service and repair0%

Tennis & sports court care0%

Dump run & dumpster rental0%

Window treatment cleaning0%

Dry cleaning for seasonal linens & bedding0%

Wine storage maintenance0%

Exterior and interior surveillance0%

Pest control0%

Appliance service0%

Chimney inspection & cleaning0%

Exterior lighting service0%

Lawn irrigation service & repair0%

Pool house & barbecue inspection and service0%


A GEC manager will be on property when any services are being performed.

All subcontractors will be thoroughly screened and Certificates of Insurance will be obtained prior to being on property.

GEC will document daily agenda stating work performed along with any issues.

Client will receive a report every two weeks documenting the past two weeks of services and next two weeks of services.


After hour emergency service0%

One monthly bill with itemized backup invoices0%

Maid service0%

Pet sitting0%

Snow plowing0%


Homeminder Property Management

Homeminder Service is for homeowners who are often away or are seasonally-in-residence and want the peace of mind knowing their home is being monitored.

Platinum Service Property Management

Platinum Service is a custom tailored experience that provides a comprehensive approach to repair, maintenance and property monitoring.