Silver Service

Your time is your own with our Silver property management service.

Silver Service is for those in-absentia clients who wish to ensure that the property be maintained and preserved on a regularly scheduled basis. The service provides both ongoing routine inspection and seasonal property maintenance. This service is perfect for our clients with multiple properties and oftentimes not in residence or for those unoccupied properties that are listed for sale and wish to ensure that the property is appointed to the client’s specifications and is consistently in optimum condition despite the client’s ongoing absence. At GEC, we will document each visit and log in all activities along with photographs, allowing our clients to have fortnightly reports allowing them to know current conditions and activities. Each property and client has different needs and we at GEC will tailor design the property program to meet these needs. Our services are 24/7, so we at GEC are always on call for any unexpected situation.



House cleaning service0%

Handyman service0%

Landscaping: planting, mulching, pruning0%

Electric service & repair0%

Plumbing service & repair0%

HVAC unti service & repair0%

Roofing & flashing inspection & repair0%

Wood floor service & repair0%

Fence work service & repair0%

Basement moisture control0%

Fuel burner service & repair0%

Water treatment service & repair0%

Paving & sealing driveway0%

Painting repair0%

Tile service & repair0%

Carpet & rug cleaning0%

Furniture refinishing & maintenance0%

Stereo & entertainment system service and repair0%

Telephone system & PC service and repair0%

Tennis & sports court care0%

Dump run & dumpster rental0%

Window treatment cleaning0%

Dry cleaning for seasonal linens & bedding0%

Wine storage maintenance0%

Exterior and interior surveillance0%

Pest control0%

Appliance service0%

Chimney inspection & cleaning0%

Exterior lighting service0%

Lawn irrigation service & repair0%

Pool house & barbecue inspection and service0%

Option Add-on Services

  • Maid service

  • Pet sitting

  • Snow plowing